“Matt’s insights were a valuable piece of our 2021 National Championship. The NOYN report will increase your athlete’s self-awareness, expand a coach’s understanding of the player, and provide tips to maximize the athlete’s potential.”

– Michael Beard, Head Coach Pepperdine University

“Matt’s assessments have helped us select World Number 1’s and multiple Major Championship winners. He has shown the ability to identify high performers. He has also demonstrated the ability to improve a golfer’s mindset with assessment and an individualized program.”

– Taylor Made golf

“The NOYN assessment helped me identify how to use my unique brain. I am more self-aware and spend less time trying to be like other people. Now I play better by maximizing my individual mental approach.”

– College All American


You make individualized choices for your swing and equipment. Now it’s time to individualize the space north of your neck.

Data Driven

Compare your data to the NOYN template of golf world number 1’s, major championship winners, and corporate CEO’s.


Why would you trust anyone to go north of your neck who is not licensed and qualified to be there?