Plan Trust Execute React


Routines add consistency and can be used to help guide your pre-shot thoughts and behavior. When golfers get overly outcome-focused, it is good to focus on how often they complete their process instead of score. Let’s learn the routine and use it consistently in our exercise and in the end. At NOYN, we teach a 4-step routine.

  1. Plan – Take account of the lie, wind, type of shot, etc., before addressing the ball. Commit to the project, then step into your address.
  2. Trust – If you find yourself uncommitted, step back and reset your plan. If you have total commitment, pull the trigger.
  3. Execute – Physically execute your shot.
  4. React – It is ok to be happy, disappointed, or show some emotion. But by the time the club goes back in the bag, it is gone, and the reaction is done.

In your next round, keep track of how often you complete this routine. Keep track of your progress, with the goal of completing the routine between each shot.